Chesu Puente - Diseño de escalera iluminada con ventanal amplio.


Full Dedication

From the inception of the idea to its realization, we accompany you throughout the entire journey. We breathe life into your dreams, orchestrating spaces by playing with light, creating an ambiance conducive to your happiest moments.

Personal and Close Treatment

We consider personal interaction a fundamental factor for the client to resonate with the project at every moment.
These are tailor-made projects where you propose a narrative, and we manage the space for it to unfold. Personal attention, a sensitive and intuitive perspective capable of coordinating a team tailored to the scene of the space, all with the sole purpose of bringing your dream to life. Chesu Puente captures the client's intention but goes beyond: studying possibilities down to the last detail, advising, and setting in motion the mechanism to make everything revolve and come to fruition in an exclusive manner, always under your gaze, with the sole purpose of creating that personal space where everything is possible.

Creator of Atmospheres

From Chesu's studio emerge serene and elegant spaces where light intervenes, accentuating colors and adding magic.

Psychology of Space, Psychology of the Client

For us, it is essential to understand what you want to convey or what you want the space to convey to you. Chesu creates spaces with soul—simple places where everything flows according to your emotions, generating empathy with the client and fostering a connection with the space.

Chesu creates spaces with soul

Simple places where everything flows according to their emotions, that is why we generate empathy with the client and thus we achieve that empathy with the space is born.

Scenography of the Dream

We craft that personal, familial, or corporate cosmos that reflects your values and creates a more immersive environment. Light and geometry. Connection with purposes. Material and color flow through spaces, and light interacts among them. Like in a film studio, light plays a crucial role, giving meaning to the film, casting onto each object, emphasizing, adding depth, or softening depending on the moment, even projecting shadows, providing more or less substance or prominence to objects.


We combine the best craftsmanship with the finest materials to achieve optimal results at every turn. Whether working with noble woods, stone objects, fabrics, glass, or any other material, we do so without predetermined criteria, seeking above all beauty, solidity, and harmony. We breathe life into all spaces of your home, restaurant, or office, whether it's a loft, a country house, or an entire building. We transform your space, encompassing all possibilities, turning it into a magical place that serves your needs.

Interiorista conceptual. Decoración de interiores y diseño de proyectos de interiorismo